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New digital motor. Engineers have spent a decade developing new types of highly efficient digital motors. This new digital motor is more efficient, smaller, lighter and cleaner.

Works starts on an electric car! With advances in the electric moter used in its vacuum cleaners they have realised that they could be used to power the next generation of electric cars. Read the full story.

Plans to open the The Dyson School of Design Innovation have run into problems because of the chosen location. The idea is to provide courses in design engineering and enterprise, part time for 14 to 16 year olds and full time for 16 to 19 year olds. Read the full story.


James Dyson Foundation. The Foundation aims to inspire study in engineering. In 2009 it donated ¤5 million to the Royal College of Art to fund a new building which is to open in 2012.

James Dyson Award. An international design award that celebrates the next generation of design engineers. Run by a charitable trust to inspire new ideas and designs. The award for 2009 was AUTOMIST, an automatic fire suppression system for domestic kitchens.

Wikipedia. Read about the history, cyclone technology and products on Wikipedia.

Dyson videos

Dyson advertisment for the new dc26 Dyson City vacuum

Dyson vacuum cleaners, now available in small, medium and large.

Dyson's new digital motor as used in the handheld dc31 vacuum.

Spins 5 times faster than a Formula One engine and delivers twice the suction of other handhelds.

Dyson Manuals

User manuals and help and advice is available to download for the upright, cylinder and handheld vacuum cleaners.

How to maintain your Dyson

Here is some advice on how to maintain your Dyson vacuum cleaner. This has been reproduced from the Dyson website.

Always turn power off and unplug the machine before carring out any maintanince.
unplug you vacuum

How to clean the brushbar

Use a coin to undo the end cap. Now remove the brushbar as shown below. You can now check for any items blocking the head or tangled around the brushbar. You may need to use scissors to remove long hair etc.
undo the soleplate on your vacuum cleaner remove the brushbar clean the brushbar
Reassamble in the reverse order. Make sure the brushbar moves correctly before operating the machine.

How to wash the filters on the Ball cleaners

Your vacuum cleaner may have two washable filters which will require washing at least once in every 3 months.

Firstly remove the clear bin from your machine by pressing the release catch as shown below.
filter removal

To remove filter A in the top of the clear bin, lift the filter release catch and then remove the filter as shown. wash filter

To remove filter B located inside ball of the vacuum, press the release catch to release the filter cover and remove the filter as shown below.
release catch remove cover remove filter

Please note, if the filter in the clear bin has a solid plastic casing then please remove this prior to washing as shown below.
filter casing

Wash both of the filters in cold water only, do not use detergent. Do not wash the filters in a dishwasher or washing machine. Repeat the following steps until the water runs clear. Filter B should be rinsed and tapped out until the water runs clear, then tapped out again to remove any excess water, about 10 rinses shoulds do it.

Filter A
wash filter a remove water from filter a

Filter B
wash filter b tap out any water from filter b

Drying the washable filters

Once you have throughly washed the filters, leave to dry in a warm place until completely dry, about 24 hours. Do not use a tumble dryer, microwave or near a naked flame to dry them.
dry the filter filter drying

Replace filters, ensure that you seat them correctly and then the test machine.

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